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Products Photos & Gear Design - Small sample of gears manufactured by Custom Gear ang Machining

Sample Product Photos shows gears manufactured at Custom Gear and Machining. Many customers will see a gear on our sample gear page that is similar to their needs. Sometimes looking at the photos will help in determining if we can manufacture and design gears to meet your specific requirements. We work with many gear manufacturers and if we cannot make your gear we can recommend a company that can. Please contact us at Ph: 716-874-1696  Fax: 716-874-1697 e-mail for a solution to your gear and component needs.


Clear and Black Anodized Aluminum Gears



Aluminum Pulleys and Aircraft Alloys



Plastic and Delrin Gears



Medical Gears



Steel Gears - Aircraft Alloys




Custom Gear and Machining  Ph 716-874-1696  |  Fax 716-874-1697  | Kandie Cell 716-553-4328


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