Custom Gear and Machining
1726 Niagara Street, Buffalo, New York 14207

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Custom Gear and Machining specializes in precision gear cutting and manufacturing of gears and components for the medical, military, optical, petroleum, aircraft, aerospace and defense industries. We focus on small fine pitch gears and gear sets for devices that require high precision such as resolvers and encoders, medical instruments and assemblies, anti-backlash gears and components. Small to medium size spur, helical, worm and worm wheel sets. Timing belt pulleys, belts, sprockets, splines and serrations. Custom Gear will manufacture complete or cut gear teeth on customer supplied parts. Our team at Custom Gear will work closely with your engineers to find a solution to your gearing needs. We can reverse engineer your project or help with your proto-type gears and gear sets for a perfect end product. Gearing manufactured to AGMA quality standards.




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